Underwater Communication and Navigation System (UCNS) is composed of dive navigation computer, underwater locator beacon and control center, which can achieve underwater positioning and underwater communication between devices in the same group. It can meet the requirements of real-time underwater positioning, underwater 3D navigation, SOS emergency alarm, abnormal state warning and underwater text communication between underwater divers or between underwater divers and the water surface.

The Underwater Communication and Navigation System include 400D series and 1500D series, with underwater positioning and underwater communication ranges of 400 meters and 1,500 meters. It supports grouping and interconnection of 2-6 devices. Different product combinations can be selected for grouping according to different use scenarios. UCNS is suitable for various different underwater environments and is widely applied to public safety diving, technical diving, commercial diving, recreational diving and other fields.

Navygator-M is a miniature dive navigation computer. After connected with host device Navygator-Pro or Commander-10, the host device can grasp Navygator-M's underwater location and diving activity status in real time, that means Navygator-M is passively tracked device when underwater; Navygator-M can send SOS alarm signal to other divers or boat stuff to get immediately support. The device also equip with underwater wireless messages sending and receiving function, so as to stay underwater interconnection status with other devices, it's simple and convenient to use.


The control center Commander-10 is comprised by one boat unit and one underwater unit, which supports to build up a three-dimensional form's underwater communication network that makes it available for personnel who is on the water surface to monitor and track divers' activities and situations or locate the underwater locator beacon. Its multiple functions including track the divers' continuous updated underwater locations, underwater navigation to the specific diver or look for preset underwater locations, and underwater wireless text message sending and receiving with divers etc.

Mark-7 is an underwater locator beacon.  When divers meet with any point of interest (POI) underwater, place the Mark-7 at that location as the underwater target location, and then it can be positioned and tracked by Navygator-Pro or Commander-10. Mark-7 helps the divers reach to the predetermined position more accurately and high-efficiently when carry out diving activities.  The battery life of Mark-7 can be up to 7 days.