Mark-7 is an underwater locator beacon.  When divers meet with any point of interest (POI) underwater, place the Mark-7 at that location as the underwater target location, and then it can be positioned and tracked by Navygator-Pro or Commander-10. Mark-7 helps the divers reach to the predetermined position more accurately and high-efficiently when carry out diving activities.  The battery life of Mark-7 can be up to 7 days.

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Be Located and Tracked

Underwater Locator Beacon (Mark-7) can be monitored by dive navigation computer (Navygator-Pro), or control center (Commander-10) in real-time, it can be located and tracked underwater in time.


Long Running Time

The underwater locator beacon battery  is rechargeable and the maximum working time is 7 days.

Multiple Scenarios

Applicable on multiple underwater scenarios and meets multiple functional requirements of technical diving and commercial diving.



Be Located and Tracked

Technical Parameters

Underwater positioning communication range: 400m/1500m

Max. depth: 200m

Endurance: 7days

Battery capacity: 7800mAh

Dimension: Φ*H 86*279.5mm

Enclosure material: Stainless steel

Weight: 3860g

Operating temperature: 0°C-55°C

Storage temperature: -20°C-75°C

Mark-7 is an underwater locator beacon...

Underwater Locator Beacon

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