Shenzhen Zhilan Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ocean Plan) is a national high-tech enterprise, which focuses on innovation, design, manufacturing, and sales in the field of marine technology and underwater communication and underwater positioning. The company, following its core values of “Quality, Specialty, and Innovation”, adheres to the supremacy of customers, and provides the most advanced products and the best services to meet customers' need.


Ocean Plan brings together many skilled scientists with exceptional R&D experience in the field of underwater communication and underwater positioning, uses advanced underwater acoustic science and technology to creatively apply underwater positioning, underwater navigation, and underwater communication technologies together and develop Underwater Communication and Navigation System 400D, 1500D series.


The Underwater Communication and Navigation System allow real-time diving tracking, diving positioning and diving communication between diver to diver also diver to boat stuff. The system is also equipped with SOS alarm and abnormal state warning function, so as to manage and monitor divers behaviors and situational awareness which helps divers deal with underwater emergencies, ensures diving safety and improve the underwater activities efficiency.


In the future, Ocean Plan will provide more product solutions to meet the expanding demand and bring more possibilities for underwater exploration.

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