The control center Commander-10 is comprised by one boat unit and one underwater unit, which supports to build up a three-dimensional form's underwater communication network that makes it available for personnel who is on the water surface to monitor and track divers' activities and situations or locate the underwater locator beacon. Its multiple functions including track the divers' continuous updated underwater locations, underwater navigation to the specific diver or look for preset underwater locations, and underwater wireless text message sending and receiving with divers etc.

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Underwater Real-time 3D Positioning

Underwater real-time 3D positioning between water surface and underwater divers.



Accurate Underwater 3D Navigation

Accurate underwater 3D navigation between divers and the water surface. The divers and the water surface personnel can accurately find each other.



SOS Emergency Rescue

When divers encounter danger or emergency underwater, they can send SOS alerts signal by themselves to all members of the same group through pressing the separate SOS button on the dive navigation computer. The Commander - IO will receive the SOS signal from the diver in time and coordinate with other divers underwater to carry out the rescue operations.


Underwater Message Sending and Receiving

The system supports underwater wireless communication between divers or between divers and the water surface. The system preset 30 text messages.


Abnormal State Warning

The system automatically monitors the diver's underwater real-time state, and when the 'diver distance, ascent/descent speed and limit depth' exceed the preset safety value, the system will automatically give an early warning to the team members,so other divers or boat personnel will be able to give a hand to the abnormal state divers.


Multiple Devices Management

Control center can connect with multiple dive navigation computers and supports to establish a underwater 3D positioning and communication network, which is also eligible for more complex diving activities.

Core Functions


Technical Parameters

Display size: 10.1 inches

Underwater positioning communication range: 400m/1500m

Endurance: 10h

Battery capacity: 7800mAh

Boat Unit dimensions: L*W*H 410/340/210mm

Underwater Unit dimensions(Not included cable): Φ*H 86/220mm

Satellite positioning: BeiDou

Weight: 9275g/9300g

Preset messages quantities: 30

Operating temperature: 0°C-55°C

Storage temperature: -20°C-75°C

Ranging accuracy: 1%D±0.3m

Direction finding accuracy: ±7°

Compass accuracy: ±1°

Compass tilt compensation: ±45°

Parameter Description

Underwater positioning range: 400m/1500m

The underwater positioning range of the device is the water area within a 200m/750m radius of the host device.

Underwater communication range: 400m/1500m

The underwater communication range of the device is the water area within a 200m/750m radius of the host device.

Commander-10 is Control Center that comprised by one boat unit and one underwater unit...

Control Center

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