Navygator-Pro is an arm-worn dive navigation computer, which features diver to diver also diver to surface boat's underwater positioning, underwater navigation, SOS alarm, abnormal state warning, and underwater message sending and receiving. With absence of surface signal support, the system support with underwater independent network that remain divers covert,which means the divers keep knowing where they are and where their buddies are without the need to surface or carrying with a floating GPS unit. Through flexible product combination solutions, different diving activities of multiple divers can be managed and planned.

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Underwater Real-time Positioning

Underwater positioning between divers or between divers and boats upon the water surface. The underwater real-time positioning between divers still works even without any support of water surface signals.


Underwater 3D Navigation

The divers get to know the distance, bearing and depth difference with the target device that relative to themselves through device data update and obtain underwater 3D space guidance, so as to easily and accurately find the specific position of the target diver or surface vessel. The underwater 3D navigation between divers is available even without any support of water surface signals.


SOS Emergency Alarm

When divers encounter dangers or emergencies underwater, they can send SOS alerts to all divers in the same group by pressing the SOS button at the top right of the device, then they would get timely rescue from other divers underwater or boats upon the water surface.


Abnormal State Warning

The system automatically monitors the diver's underwater real-time state, and when the 'diver distance, ascent/descent speed and limit depth' exceed the preset safety value, the system will automatically give an early warning to the team members,so other divers or boat personnel will be able to give a hand to the abnormal state divers.


Underwater Message Sending and Receiving

The system supports underwater wireless communication between divers or between divers and the water surface. The system preset 30 text messages.


Multi Forms Networking

According to specific requirements from actual situation, different product combinations can be selected for network grouping. The system support independent networking without topside unit deployment, divers can just wear the dive navigation computer build up network and stay connection and remain covert underwater.

Surface and underwater networking


Underwater diver independent networking (No surface signal support is required)


Core Functions


Technical Parameters

Display size: 4.3 inches

Underwater positioning communication range: 400m/1500m

Max. depth: 200m

Battery capacity: 3500mAh

Endurance: 8h

Outline dimensions (Without wristband): L*W*H 122/150/65mm

Surface weight: 1180g/1200g

Underwater weight: 425g/445g

Preset messages quantities: 30

Ranging accuracy: 1%D±0.3m

Direction finding accuracy: ±7°

Compass accuracy: ±1°

Compass tilt compensation: ±45°

Operating temperature: 0°C-55°C

Storage temperature: -20°C-75°C

Wearing method: arm-worn

Parameter Description

Max. depth: 200m

Max. depth of water that the device can withstand is 200 meters; the depth more than 200 meters may cause damage to the device.

Underwater positioning range: 400m/1500m

The underwater positioning range of the device is the water area within a 200m/750m radius of the host device.

Underwater communication range: 400m/1500m

The underwater communication range of the device is the water area within a 200m/750m radius of the host device.

Navygator-Pro is a wrist-worn dive navigation computer ...

Dive Navigation Computer

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