Ocean Plan Participated in IESE 2022

On August 26, Guangzhou International Emergency Safety EXPO(IESE 2022) closed in Guangzhou. Shenzhen Zhilan Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ocean Plan) participated in the exhibition with 'Underwater Communication and Navigation System', which was driving productivity with technology and boosting the high-quality development of the emergency safety industry.

Adhering to the positioning of 'Big scale emergency, Big safety', this expo attracted more than 600 global brand exhibitors  to participated, which involved emergency management, fire safety, forest-fire prevention, water rescue, emergency information technology, road safety, chemical safety, explosion protection, emergency rescue, epidemic prevention, and PPE etc advanced technical devices.

Frogman underwater positioning and underwater communication

During the exhibition, Ocean Plan focused on the application results of underwater communication and navigation system in the field of water rescue, including the application presentation of arm-worn individual device dive navigation computer Navygator Pro, control center and other products in various water conditions.

Underwater navigation function

Underwater message sending and receiving function

Dive position and tracking system

Search and rescue diving Rescue diver

Underwater the efforts of Ocean Plan R&D team, by completely independent intellectual property rights, the Underwater communication and navigation system has been developed and get more and more improved with front-end divers users. The system combine with underwater positioning between devices, underwater navigation between with specific target, underwater communication also with other technologies like command image output and other functions to strengthen divers capacity and empower diving experience with dive safety monitoring.

The diver positioning and diver communication system that within the divers, boat and underwater locator beacon range is 400 meters, it supports to connect with 2-6 devices when underwater. Different product combinations are available and can be selected for grouping and use depends on the different diving usage scenarios. The system features advantages like simple operation, rapid deployment, and various networking forms which effectively ensure the safety of divers and improve the efficiency of water surface and underwater collaboration in the field of water emergency rescue.

Public safety diving equipment

Underwater divers safety solutions

Frogman positioning and communication system

Ocean Plan Participated in IESE 2022

At present, emergency safety involves more and more aspects, among which water rescue is a rescue subject with strong suddenness, big difficulty and high risk factor. Ocean Plan will continue to focus on water rescue underwater safety equipment, always starts from the actual application and needs of the industry, to provide users with more professional and better quality products.

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