Ocean Plan Supporting Special Police Divers to Improve Their Actual Combat Capabilities

As the dive training is essential for better master the devices skills, Ocean Plan provided underwater communication and navigation system(UCNS) product training for a special police unit in the plateau waters area, strengthened the equipment guarantee for special police divers' actual combat training, and improved the underwater professional technology and actual combat capabilities.

SWAT Dive team training

The UCNS is an underwater acoustic communication technology product with completely independent intellectual property rights by Ocean Plan. UCNS consists of dive navigation computer Navygator Pro, dive navigation computer Navygator M, underwater locator beacon, control center and other products. It can be used according to different scenarios, choose different product combinations for different scenarios. UCNS has the advantages of rapid deployment and simple operation, which can be used immediately by short learning,is extremely convenient and quick to master the system operation.

The UCNS is widely used in public safety diving, technical diving, commercial diving, recreational diving and other underwater fields which effectively ensure the safety of divers and improve the efficiency of underwater collaboration.

Police diving dive navigation computer

Frogman diving equipment UW positioning communication

The key parts of this training is 'Dive Navigation Computer Navygator Pro' , an arm-worn individual device. It supports underwater positioning and underwater communication within 400 meters range, and grouping and interconnection by 2-6 devices. Navygator Pro does not require surface signal support and can realize underwater independent network, including functions of real-time underwater positioning and navigation, underwater text messages sending and receiving between group members, SOS and abnormal state warning among divers, which offset the team's other equipment functions shortness, effectively improve team equipment support and team collaboration ability, so to strengthen actual combat effectiveness.

Underwater communication and underwater navigation etc functions

Special forces diving

Special forces diving

Frogman underwater positioning

Public Safety Diving

Diver's Tracking System

Ocean Plan will keep focusing on underwater safety and coordination, deepen the strength of marine science and technology comprehensively, innovating and developing more products to meet the needs of users.

We dedicated to redefine underwater exploration with technology!

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