Ocean Plan Was at CCTV (China Central Television)!

From September 8th to 9th, the CCTV news special program 'Special Report on Underwater Archaeology of the Holy Grail Island - Archaeology of China - Civilization exploration' was broadcasting the first extraction of cultural relics from the Yuan Dynasty's shipwreck site of Holy Grail Island to the national audience. The broadcast attracted countless netizen liked and commented, the clicks was over 5M.

Underwater Acoustic Equipment

Dive safety

Underwater positioning system underwater communication

Dive positioning and dive communication

Ocean Plan assisted underwater archaeology with new technologies. The 'Underwater Communication and Navigation System' provided the archaeological team with communication, positioning and navigation between water surface and underwater, as well as between divers, so as to better ensure the safety of archaeological excavations.

What Ocean Plan has been developed the 'Underwater Communication and Navigation System' is to solve the safety and coordination issues for underwater divers in archaeological activities and other diving projects. Various functions work well In harsh water conditions, which plays an important role in diving activities. The system realizes underwater wireless positioning in real time, underwater navigation between with target, SOS emergency signal sending and assist features, abnormal state warning that monitor divers depth/distance/ascent/ descent state,underwater messages transmission between divers or between divers and surface.

The Yuan Dynasty wrack site excavated in this live broadcast has been proved by the previous underwater survey that the Yuan Dynasty wrack site in Holy Grail Island mainly carried Longquan kiln export porcelain, which is a typical representative of China maritime trade in the late Yuan Dynasty. The underwater deposits are mainly porcelain and ship hulls, especially the cultural relics are dense within the range of about 300 on the hull both sides, even piles of porcelain are piled up, most of them can be restored. Nearly 700 sets of specimens were also collected during the survey, with a wide variety of utensils, including bowls, cups, plates, Xi, goblets and incense burners, as well as dragon-patterned plates and double fish Xi.

This archaeology activity will be lasted about three months, it's expected that more and more marine treasures to be discovered. Ocean Plan will continue to actively support the underwater archaeology activity, increase the investment in research and development, enhance product competitiveness, and lead a new way of underwater exploration.

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