Ocean Plan Attended the DEMA Show with Hard Core Diving Devices

4th November, DEMA Show 2022 finally came to the end. Ocean Plan Underwater Communication and Navigation system' was attracted by many industry players.

Underwater navigation and underwater communication in DEMA

In 2019, it was the first time that Ocean Plan attended in DEMA show, then Ocean Plan's dive navigation computer concept and design was highly recognized. In DEMA 2022, Ocean Plan is showing the Marine scientific and technological achievements of Chinese enterprises to the global users. The core products including the Underwater Communication and Navigation System that what had showed on site, also with some new concepts products in development that will be released soon refreshing the experience of underwater activities and providing more possibilities for underwater exploration.

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How to underwater navigation with DPV by Navygator-Pro

Dive tracking and dive communication in discussion

Underwater positioning and Underwater communication functions

The DEMA Show is the diving industry’s largest trade show. The Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA) held its first trade show in 1977. Today the DEMA Show has grown to host over 600 exhibitors with nearly 10,000 attendees annually.

Ocean Plan attended the DEMA Show with hard core diving devices

Ocean Plan attended the DEMA Show with hard core diving devices

Ocean Plan attended the DEMA Show with hard core diving devices

Ocean Plan attended the DEMA Show with hard core diving devices

In this DEMA Show, Ocean Plan as an exhibitor of technical diving equipment, presented a high-end product 'Underwater communication and navigation system' on site. The products are designed to solve the positioning and communication problems between underwater divers or between underwater divers and the surface of the water, which can realize the core functions of underwater real-time positioning, underwater 3D space navigation, one-button SOS alarm, abnormal state warning, wireless text messages sending and receiving, and various forms of networking. The system can meet the requirements of organizing and interconnecting 2-6 devices within the range of 400 meters underwater. In addition, different product combinations are selected according to different usage scenarios.

Underwater communication and Underwater navigation system

Wear dive navigation computer

Dive positioning and location system

Technical diving equipment discussion

The underwater communication and navigation system is dedicated into how to improve dive safety by diver tracking and diver communication principle. By developing the dive navigation computer Navygator-Pro and Navygator-M to create special dive connection for divers, designing the underwater locator beacon for marking any point of interests when underwater, also building the control center for commander who is on the surface of the water to track and manage divers and other products.

The system is suitable for widely different underwater conditions, which has obtained excellent application and positive feedback in the domestic and abroad market. At present, the system support for various diving unit including public safety diving team like SWAT dive team and fire dept dive team, cave diving experts, scientific research diving etc.

Underwater positioning on DPV

Portable underwater communication system

Portable diver recall system

Underwater wireless network forms

Cave diving and technical diving chat

In recent years, Ocean Plan has continuously increased its investment in research and development, rapidly built a product system, and occupied the market with high-tech underwater equipment. In the future, Ocean Plan will focus on underwater safety and collaboration, continue to upgrade and iterate products, improve the product system, and make the scientific and technological achievements of independent innovation accessible to more people.

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