"Underwater Communication and Navigation System" At 5th IUOOI EXPO

From November 18th to 20th,The 5th international underwater operations and offshore industry EXPO (IUOOI) organized by China Diving & Salvage Contractors Association (CDSA), International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA), Association of Diving Contractors International(ADCI) was held in Xiamen. Ocean Plan exhibited the groundbreaking diving equipment 'Underwater Communication and Navigation System' and showed the exhibitors the innovative scientific and technological achievements which integrating the technologies that are beneficial to diver safety and collaboration by track the divers and communicate with divers, such as underwater positioning, underwater navigation, and underwater communication.

Water Rescue diving team discussed about dive safety

Operate the underwater communication and underwater positioning system

Underwater navigation solutions

Search and rescue search and recover solutions

Police dive team underwater comunication

The exhibitors of this exhibition cover more than 200 marine engineering contractors, engineering shipbuilding company, diving equipment manufacturers, offshore-wind developers, marine service providers and other supporting suppliers, professional scientific research institutions, training institutions, and insurance institutions. More than 1,000 kinds of high-end equipment were displayed on the site, which greatly demonstrated the technical achievements of China's diving salvage and marine engineering. More than 1,000 people from the transportation system, local governments and relevant departments, leaders of central enterprises, private enterprises, marine universities, well-known academicians, experts and scholars at home and abroad gathered together to take the pulse of the development trend of marine economy.

Underwater Communication and Navigation System At 5th IUOOI EXPO

Underwater Communication and Navigation System At 5th IUOOI EXPO

According to Song Jiahui, chairman of the China Diving and Salvage Industry Association (CDSA), this exhibition was approved by the Ministry of Commerce, and it is the 5th time that CDSA has joined hands with the Association of Diving Contractors International(ADCI) and the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA). At the same time, the 7th International Diving Salvage and Ocean Engineering Technology Forum and the 2nd China Tourism Diving Summit will be held.

Song Jiahui also introduced that this exhibition, forum and summit are under the background of studying, propagating and implementing the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. In accordance with the strategic guidelines of China's transportation power, ocean power and 'One Belt, One Road' to focus on displaying and exchanging diving rescue and fishing and marine engineering with pragmatic measures for new technologies, new achievements and new equipment. So as to provide a new development platform for relevant government departments and enterprises public institutions with production, learning, research, use, and financing, strive to build a development pattern for the diving salvage and marine engineering industry and promote the its high quality's development.

Underwater Communication and Navigation System At 5th IUOOI EXPO

There was an endless stream of guest representatives and audiences at the booth of Ocean Plan, and they praised the 'underwater communication and navigation system' for its technological innovation, functional practicability, equipment convenience, and novel appearance design. Song Jiahui, chairman of the China Diving and Salvage Industry Association (CDSA), visited the Ocean Plan’s booth for guidance and exchange.

Underwater Communication and Navigation System At 5th IUOOI EXPO

Underwater Communication and Navigation System At 5th IUOOI EXPO

Underwater Communication and Navigation System At 5th IUOOI EXPO

Emergency Response Diving dive safety

discussion about underwater positioning and underwater navigation

'Underwater communication and navigation system' is designed under underwater acoustic technology, which supports to connect with 2-6 devices on same underwater communication and positioning network within 400m. The system composed of Dive navigation computer Navygator-Pro and Navygator-M,  working station for topside which called Control Center Commander-10, and the underwater locator beacon Mark-7.


Divers can choose different product combination according to their dive team, dive plan and dive environment. By accurate and reliable underwater positioning, underwater communication, SOS and abnormal diving state management functions to stay diver to diver and diver to boat on real-time update. Through a series of data feedback and guidance, the dive master can monitor and track the divers, so as to proceed the whole diving activity going with better decision.


With the features of rapid deployment and flexible network building, the system has been used and recognized in many professional diving units, including police dive team and maritime related dive team etc in public safety diving, search and salvage dive team in commercial diving, underwater archaeology team and shipwreck research dive team in scientific diving and other fields.

Navygator-Pro Dive navigation computer

Navygator-M Dive navigation computer

Underwater locator beaconx

Control center boat unit and underwater unitx

Underwater positioning solutions

System of monitor the divers

Underwater Communication and Navigation System At 5th IUOOI EXPO

Operate the portable dive navigation and dive communication system

Through product operations and case demonstrations at the exhibition, Ocean Plan provided a more intuitive experience of diving equipment such as underwater communication and navigation systems, which let the visitors truly feel the application scenarios of the products. In the future, Ocean Plan will continue to focus on underwater safety and collaboration, to improve the product system, and actively promote the development of high-tech underwater equipment.

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