Ocean Plan Was Attended 930 Water Rescue Technology Summit Forum and Practical Exercise

On September 30, the 2nd '930 Water Rescue Technology Summit Forum and Comprehensive Practical Exercise of Water Rescue' was jointly held by the public welfare organization 'Ramunion' and 'China Diving & Salvage Contractors Association (CDSA)' in Qiandao Lake Scenic Area, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

Different kinds of advanced equipment were appeared one after another, the 'Underwater Communication and Navigation System' of Ocean Plan was among them, which solved the problems of underwater communication and positioning,greatly improved the efficiency of water rescue.

Underwater positioning system

Underwater positioning system on DPV

Public Safety Diving

Forum site: DPV equipped with dive navigation computer Navygator-Pro

The summit forum brought together domestic universities and scientific research institutes, emergency management departments, fire rescue teams, transportation and maritime agencies, public security special police forces, representatives of social rescue forces and representatives of mainstream media organizations, to exchange advanced experience such as typical cases on new equipment, rescue technologies and technologies in the field of water rescue.

Ocean Plan Was Attended 930 Water Rescue Technology Summit Forum and Practical Exercise

Ocean Plan Was Attended 930 Water Rescue Technology Summit Forum and Practical Exercise

The comprehensive practical exercise of water rescue was held at the Ramunion Water Rescue Training Base located in the central lake area of Qiandao Lake. The exercise adopted the method of scenario simulation, and set up complex scenarios such as people falling into the water, forest fires, road blockages, etc., and adopted the combination of aviation and water rescue. The advantages of fast deployment and simple operation of the underwater communication and navigation system of Ocean Plan played a practical role in underwater search and salvage.

Ocean Plan Was Attended 930 Water Rescue Technology Summit Forum and Practical Exercise

Ocean Plan Was Attended 930 Water Rescue Technology Summit Forum and Practical Exercise

Water Rescue Dive training

Underwater communication and underwater navigation system

Ocean Plan Was Attended 930 Water Rescue Technology Summit Forum and Practical Exercise

The background of the exercise was a landslide caused by a typhoon and heavy rainfall. A small car could not escape and rushed into the lake. Two passengers in the car failed to escape in time and were suspected of sinking with the car. The search vessel launched by the helicopter in the early stage used 3D side scan sonar to search and locked the position of the sunken vehicle with coordinates at a depth of 70 meters underwater. At the same time, the rescue boat rushed to the surface of the accident river, and two technical divers equipped with dive navigation computer Navygator-Pro dived into the sunken car 70 meters underwater, and then reported to the headquarters that they found the sunken car and the two dead passengers in the car. Under the instruction of the platform ship commander, the underwater rescue personnel carried out the fixing and technical dismantling of the vehicle before salvage, and finally all the personnel were transferred to the salvage ship.

Ocean Plan Was Attended 930 Water Rescue Technology Summit Forum and Practical Exercise

dive navigation computer Navygator-Pro

In water rescue scenarios, dive navigation computer Navygator-Pro supports independent underwater networking, and can also form a joint network with the dive navigation computer Navygator-M or control center used by the platform ship commander to establish a 3D underwater communication network to meet the needs of underwater divers such as real-time positioning, 3D navigation, emergency rescue, abnormal state reminder and text information communication between underwater divers or between underwater divers and the water surface, etc., which ensures the safety of rescuers.

Ocean Plan 'Underwater Communication and Navigation System' support diver to diver or diver to boat commander two-ways positioning and communication through different products, such as dive navigation computer Navygator-Pro, and a smaller dive navigation computer Navygator-M, the underwater location marking device underwater locator beacon Mark-7, and the control center that will be located and deployed on boat. Based on the grouping and networking rules, 2-6 devices can be selected for flexible networking and grouping interconnection according to different usage needs and scenarios, ,which is removing the complexity in device using to help divers easy to use and operate the system. The underwater positioning and communication range is 400 meters in the same water area.

Diver tracking and safety system

Exercise live site: Ocean Plan 'Underwater Communication and Navigation System'

The whole integrated communication command platform of the Ramunion Rescue Team also made its debut in this exercise. The platform is composed of 'a digital cockpit + a base + two systems', whether it is the team task assignment or the two-way communication between the command center and the field operators, whether it is on the ground, on the water, helicopters, drones, or even at 70 meters In the large water and depth environment, the communication between rescuers and the headquarters and the precise positioning and navigation of underwater personnel and targets have been successfully achieved. The platform can provide normalized personnel and material management, task management, rescue command implementation and global communication support services for various professional rescue forces.

Remotely monitor the divers through screen

This summit forum and actual combat exercise demonstrated the air and water rescue capabilities of social rescue forces through cutting-edge equipment and professional technology, injecting new impetus into the modernization of emergency management. Ocean Plan will also deepen cooperation with various institutions, continue to promote the research and development of new technologies and products of water rescue equipment, and help improve the comprehensive combat capability of water rescue.

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