Ocean Plan at Sardinia, Italy

In March 2023, Ocean Plan's team was in Europe and dive with outstanding diving expert in industry, the Underwater Communication and Navigation System has been applied in underwater missions in Sardinia, Italy. The system was well operated in complex water conditions and gained praise from public safety diving experts.

Ocean Plan at Sardinia, Italy

Ocean Plan at Sardinia, Italy

The Italian divers friends user performed underwater activities in Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea with waves as high as 2 meters, and dived to a depth of 38 meters. Surface stuff deployed the control center to monitor and manage divers' status, divers set up with two groups, some divers worn with dive navigation computer Navygator-Pro, and some divers worn with dive navigation computer Navygator-M. Through dive plans, underwater tasks such as two-ways underwater communication, underwater collaboration, boat positioning, and dive buddies positioning has been well performed and completed.

The Italian divers friends simulated the underwater work scene, and carried out multiple tasks and subjects.

By Underwater real-time positioning, they kept to know every divers' locations and even if their distance was not close. By 3D underwater navigation, they were able to reach to any specific diver with the help of the dive navigation computer's guidance also able to return to the position of the boat. They also tested the SOS Alarm function and through the navigate icon instruction to help with the one who sent out the signal. Wireless underwater communication allow them to send and receive the text with each other. When they were far away with the boat, the dive master swift his group number as NO.1 to be the host device, so he can be able to the supervise for the upcoming diving activity, so to improve the underwater communication and underwater navigation efficiency.

Technical diving with portable dive positioning and dive communication

Underwater positioning

Diver positioning by real-time data update

The diver confirmed other diver's position through the underwater real-time positioning function

Underwater navigation

Rebreather diving with  underwater tracking and underwater communication

The diver successfully found other diver's position through the underwater navigation function

Underwater communication

Underwater communication between divers

Topside Unit to monitor and manage divers

The boat staff monitor and guide divers' activities through the Control Center

Dive with dive navigation computer Navygator-Pro

Sep up diving parameters to keep safe before diving

Ocean Plan at Sardinia, Italy

Start to dive with underwater positioning and underwater communication

Confirmed dive plan

Entering into water

Quoted from divers’ saying from ExplOceans “Last weekend we enjoyed the visit of our friends from @Oceanplan. We had the opportunity to try their amazing underwater equipment, sharing this experience with old friends & buddies from SubaquaDive Service Sardinia and Mauro Muzzu! Thanks for logistic support (even in a super windy day!) to Alberto e Luana! As we were in #Sardinia, couldn't miss a proper dinner with #porceddu Su Cumbidu !”

Underwater message and underwater wireless network

Learn the UW communication and navigation system

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