Ocean Plan at Gothenburg, Sweden

In these days, Ocean Plan team went for a Europe trip to provide Underwater Communication and Navigation System demo, training and diving experience arrangement for Europe divers friends, included public safety divers, emergency response divers and other professional fields divers. The first station was in Gothenburg, Sweden.


The whole diving activity program was combined with functions theory, system training and practical operation, the diving training points was included track the divers through underwater positioning, set up diver's recall and diver's navigation subjects by underwater navigation, through real-time abnormal state monitor and warning mechanism, detect divers' safety status, proceed the SOS alarm emergency measures in simulated distress scenarios, divers sent out and replied the text message with each other by underwater wireless communication, execute multi forms underwater network etc. The Sweden diver friends learned about this portable diver tracking and communication system by the detailed demonstration and training.


Combining with different levels of training, so to let the users to deal with different application scenarios, and know how to use the equipment to solve different underwater problems, complete underwater targets, improve underwater activities efficiency and guarantee the diving safety. Ocean Plan also provide guidance on more device using skills and daily maintenance.

Public safety divers emergency response divers

Ocean Plan at Gothenburg, Sweden

Emergency Response Diving

Dive navigation computer Navygator-Pro

Underwater communication and tracking system

Ocean Plan at Gothenburg, Sweden

Public safety diving team

Diver tracking and diver communication system

Ocean Plan Dive safety gear

Control center for surface monitoring

Underwater positioning



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