Ocean Plan Jointed with "Dive for Love" To Combat Marine Litter

On July 20th, Ocean Plan jointed with Shenzhen Dapeng Coral Conservation Volunteer Federation 'Dive For Love' conducted a marine garbage survey on Huoshaopai Island in Nan'ao.The team used the Underwater Communication and Navigation System to do the garbage statistics in the target area and provide security for diving volunteers.

Dive for love team and Ocean Plan team

Serious pollution, urgent action is needed

According to the United Nations Environment Programme 2021 'From Pollution to Solution: A Global Assessment of Marine Litter and Plastic Pollution' report shows that plastic accounts for 85 percent of marine litter and warns that by 2040, volumes of plastic pollution flowing into marine areas will nearly triple, adding 23-37 million metric tons of plastic waste into the ocean per year. This means about 50kg of plastic per meter of coastline worldwide. Ocean Plan and Dive For Love carried out marine litter investigation activities together,provide security for divers who combat marine litter, provide contribution to the protection of the marine ecological environment.

Ocean Plan Jointed with Dive for Love To Combat Marine Litter

Shenzhen Dapeng Coral Conservation Volunteer Federation 'Dive For Love' was founded by Shenzhen Dapeng New District Management Committee and mf.zaitu.cn, is a coral conservation organization composed of environmental protection workers, marine researchers and divers, dedicated to coral reef biology, diversity monitoring and maintenance. They keep promoting coral conservation concepts in fishing villages, communities, enterprises and schools, improving the way the public treats the ocean, creating favorable conditions for coral reef restoration.

Ocean Plan Jointed with Dive for Love To Combat Marine Litter

Join hands with“Dive For Love', protect the ocean together

This Marine Litter survey needs to count the amount of garbage in the target area. Due to the turbid water environment in the sea area polluted by garbage, the visibility is extremely low, even only 2 meters away from the dive buddy, they cannot see clearly between each other, so the divers cannot accurately operate in the target area when they are underwater. 'Picking-up the garbage basically depends on touching. When picking it up, it stirs the surrounding soil, and the water becomes more muddy.' Dive For Love volunteers said so. They have tried methods such as pulling ropes before, but the target area is too large, and the seabed is uneven. The artificial circled area is not accurate and standard then. According to the previous experience, the team decided to try with high-end dive device, by using the 'Underwater Communication and Navigation System' of Ocean Plan for underwater communication and positioning.

Dive positioning dive track and dive communication system

Underwater locator beacon

The diving volunteers who participating in garbage picking worn dive navigation computer Navygator Pro, which can realize underwater real-time positioning, underwater 3D navigation, underwater emergency rescue, abnormal state warning and underwater messages sending and receiving among underwater divers, it solves the problems like turbid water quality that unable to see diving buddies, difficulty in communicating with gestures, inaccurate data such as distance and direction etc. Through placing the underwater locator beacon Buoy in the garbage statistics area, connect the Buoy with the dive navigation computer Navygator Pro to obtain real-time positioning, helping divers accurately reach the target area to carry out underwater operations.

Underwater positioning

Underwater navigation and underwater communication

Through this marine litter investigation, Ocean Plan deeply realized that ocean protection is of great urgency. Ocean Plan will continue to increase public welfare investment in marine ecological environmental protection, actively participate in volunteer activities to protect the ocean, practice corporate responsibility with actual actions.

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