Ocean Plan Helped Scientific Diving Get into a New Level

Few days ago, the 'Underwater Communication and Navigation System' of Ocean Plan has operated stably and performed well in the scientific diving in one of the China sea areas, which improved the efficiency of scientific diving.

Ocean Plan helped scientific diving get into a new level

Underwater acoustic communication in low visibility

Since the 1950s, China's marine scientific research has been gradually carried out and obtained a large number of achievements.The researchs make more and more contributions to the development and utilization of marine resources and the revitalization of the economy. In this scientific diving activity, Ocean Plan 'Underwater Communication and Navigation System' provided strong technical support for the mutual assistance and safety guarantee between the scientific diving teams.

Underwater positioning and underwater navigation for divers

Underwater positioning and underwater navigation for divers

The Underwater Communication and Navigation System assists to track the divers and communicate with each other by text message in real-time, also equip with one-button SOS emergency alarm to ask for help, through continous monitoring the divers when if they get abnormal will issue the warning signal inform, all data and instruction will work for each device that between divers also between with the underwater divers and the surface. Every divers and surface personnel can synchronize the water depth, distance, the information such as location and other information to facilitate real-time monitoring of location and operation progress, which solve problems such as low underwater visibility caused by water sediment, difficult to communicate, difficult to locate team members, or deviation when returning to the scientific diving site etc about scientific diving work. The system improve the safety, interaction, collaboration and efficiency of scientific diving, which won the recognition and positive comments of scientific divers.

Control center for Surface position and track the divers

The Underwater Communication and Navigation System is a system developed and launched by Ocean Plan with completely independent intellectual property rights and advanced underwater acoustic science. It Innovatively integrates technologies such as underwater positioning, underwater navigation and underwater communication, consists of Dive Navigation Computer Navygator Pro, Dive Navigation Computer Navygator M, Underwater locator beacon Buoy, Control Center. The system is within 400 meters of positioning and communication range. According to different usage scenarios, 2-6 different devices can be selected for interconnection and use, which is suitable for various complex and harsh underwater environments no matter on open waters and closed waters, widely used in technology Diving, commercial and engineering diving, frogman diving, recreational diving, etc.

Underwater navigation and underwater communication system

With the development of  scientific diving in China, more important discoveries will come out in the future. Ocean Plan will continue to increase and strengthen the research and development efforts in the field of underwater communication and positioning, promote the development of  scientific diving with new technologies.

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