Altitude Diving : Ocean Plan Strengthened Divers' Underwater Capabilities

Altitude is significant in diving as it's one of the factors that affect the decompression. Ocean Plan 'Underwater Communication and Navigation System' has once again provided equipment support for altitude diving activities. In the Wujiangdu reservoir in Yunnan-Kweichow Plateau, where the visibility is low, the system functions worked normally, realized the effective coverage of the underwater communication network, strengthened the safety guarantee for the divers, and improved the collaboration efficiency between the underwater and the water surface.

Altitude diving : Ocean Plan strengthened divers' underwater capabilities

Wujiangdu Reservoir is located on the Yunnan-Kweichow Plateau and built in 1983 on the main stream of the middle reaches of the Wujiang River. The maximum water depth in front of the dam is 150m, average water depth is 44.8m, water surface width is between 50-1000m. Before entering the water, the divers were still enjoying the sunny summer. When they got underwater, the field of vision was turning into pitch black, it seemed to be diving at night. Divers could only rely on a strong flashlight to see the road ahead. It's difficult to find objects in this dark water, not even say to find other divers. Under such special water area conditions, it is particularly important to be equipped with underwater communication and navigation system, so to grasp the status of personnel activities in real time and accurately issue tasks information.

Underwater positioning

There are four products in the Underwater Communication and Navigation System: For divers wearing or carrying is dive navigation computer Navygator-Pro and Navygator-M, for locate and mark the underwater positions is underwater locator beacon Mark-7, and for the surface tracking, detection and monitoring of divers is Control Center.

Considering different applications and needs, 2-6 devices can be selected for product solutions aim to diving plan within 400 meters of underwater positioning and underwater communication range.

During this altitude diving activity, the team first set up the underwater independent network with dive navigation computer Navygator-Pro. After that, control center was added to play the role of surface command and coordination, so as to monitor real-time diver's status and issue the task instructions. The functions of the system, such as positioning the divers and boat, underwater navigation to one of the divers, and used SOS emergency signal to take rescue measure, abnormal state warning that exceeds the preset safe values, and underwater text messages sending and receiving, were all working stable and in good operating condition, realizing the effective coverage of the underwater communication network and providing safety guarantee for underwater activities.

Underwater navigation

Ocean Plan has assisted the security of altitude diving activities many times before, improved the divers' underwater activities safety and efficiency in plateau environment. Furthermore, Ocean Plan focuses on diving safety and coordination issues, and dig into the user needs of diving activities such as technical diving, recreational diving, commercial and engineering diving, and frogman diving. Ocean Plan uses advanced underwater acoustic science and technology, creatively integrates underwater communication, underwater positioning and underwater navigation functions, so to developed 'Underwater Communication and Navigation System' with completely independent intellectual property rights, helps divers deal with various underwater situations and improve the efficiency of underwater activities.

Underwater communication

As a national high-tech enterprise specializing in marine technology and underwater communication and positioning products, Ocean Plan will continue to enhance its technical innovation capability, empower the diving industry, and provide strong support for personnel safety and activity coordination. Meanwhile, Ocean Plan will stay enhancing core competitiveness, adhere to the supremacy of users, and constantly provide users with more advanced products and better services.

Tactical diving underwater communication and underwater navigation system

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