Ocean Plan Safeguarded Cave Diving Event with Its Underwater Communication and Navigation System

On November 12, 2021, Ocean Plan went to Du'an Peach Blossom Jellyfish Cave in Hechi City, Guangxi Province to participate in cave diving event, bringing its Underwater Communication and Navigation Systems to ensure diving safety and improve the efficiency in diving event.

Cave diving communication and positioning system

The peach blossom jellyfish cave group in Guangxi Du'an Underground River National Geopark is well reputed among cave diving enthusiasts due to its excellent water quality, magnificent cave network and great water depth, which has attracted many cave explorers in China and abroad. It has become known as the paradise for cave diving around the world.

The peach blossom jellyfish cave group

In the narrow cave space, there are solid obstacles such as stalactites and stalagmites formed by karst landforms, which pose major technical challenges for underwater acoustic communication products and become great test for Navygator Pro. In this event, the Navygator Pro's real-time positioning, underwater 3D navigation, SOS emergency alarm, abnormal state warning, underwater wireless text message sending and receiving and others were working properly beyond expectations and highly praised. The divers wore the Navygator Pro on their arm or attached it to gas cylinders , and made it to a depth of 72 meters.

Diver recall system diver tracking and communication into cave

Control Center was used as a command and dispatch management center above water, so the persons can manage the activities and status of cave divers. On the spot, Control Center could perform underwater diver positioning, 3D navigation, SOS alarm receiving, text message receiving and sending properly, the system's operating status was beyond the expected target.

Topside Control center to monitor and track divers

The technical team of Ocean Plan followed up the whole diving process, which made timely summary and analysis in conjunction with the operation of Underwater Communication and Navigation System in cave diving event. They further improved the efficiency and enhanced the application of Underwater Communication and Navigation System in cave diving scenarios.

Acoustic positioning and communication system in DUAN

We are thankful to Mr. Han Ting (nicknamed Lao Mao), the first all-round diving coach and trainer in China, the Asian cave diving record holder, and Blue Flag Diving for their vigorous support to Ocean Plan in the safeguarding efforts in the cave diving event.

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