Ocean Plan Debuted at the 5th PADI Diving Carnival

On the evening of December 18, 2021, the 5th PADI Diving Carnival was successfully opened in Wanning City, Hainan Province, which had attracted nearly 500 diving practitioners from all over the country, including diving KOLs, suppliers, industry leaders, owners of domestic and foreign diving shops and media guests.

Ocean Plan presented and demonstrated the 'Underwater Communication and Navigation System' at the booth, showing the core technologies of Ocean Plan's underwater communication, underwater positioning and underwater navigation to the guests, which can offer new diving experience.

Diverpositioning diver tracking diver communication system

Underwater wireless communication and positioning system

The guests were highly intrigued and stopped to experience

Ocean Plan debuted at the 5th PADI Diving Carnival

Mr. Ji Hao, Deputy Mayor of Wanning Municipal People's Government, came to and addressed at the event

Ms. Lou Yan President of PADI China delivered a speech

Ms. Lou Yan, President of PADI China, delivered a speech

PADI Diving Carnival event site

PADI Diving Carnival event site 

The atracting Underwater Communication and Navigation System brought by Ocean Plan this time, there are Navygator-Pro, Navygator-M, Control Center and other products to be showed on the booth, which have been used previously in recreational diving team, technical diving team, commercial and engineering diving team, frogman diving team and other diving fields.

Underwater Communication and Navigation System

Underwater Communication and Navigation System features five core functions,

1) Underwater positioning in real time

2) Underwater navigation in 3D guidance like bearing, depth difference and distance

3) SOS emergency alarm

4) Abnormal state warning like distance, depth and diving speed

5) Underwater wireless communication by text message sending and receiving.


By virtue of advanced underwater acoustics, the system merged underwater positioning, underwater navigation and underwater communication into one system, which can effectively solve the problems of easily losing dive buddies, difficulty in emergency call for help, difficultly in positioning the divers' locations, limited ways of communication and interaction etc.

Ocean Plan UW communication and navigation application scenario

Ocean Plan debuts at the PADI Diving Carnival means that it will further develop in the field of recreational diving, which launches more diversified and safer diving devices to meet the needs of recreational diving activities, providing energetic support for the safety of diving activities.Ocean Plan will keep on giving priority to the users and continue providing more state-of-the-art products and better services for the diving fields, bringing more possibilities on diving exploration and pursue a better diving experience.

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