Ocean Plan Took Part in Plateau Diving Event with Navygator Pro

On October 2, 2021, Ocean Plan participated in the plateau diving event in Fuxian Lake, with the purpose to test the application of Navygator Pro in plateau waters while improving the safety and efficiency of underwater activities for divers in the plateau environment.

Dive navigation computer Navygator Pro

Fuxian Lake is the largest deep lake on plateau in China, with an altitude of 1,721 meters, a maximum water depth of 157 meters and an average water depth of 87 meters. In terms of water depth, it is the deepest water lakes in Yunnan Province, second only to Tianchi in Changbai Mountain in China.

Wireless underwater communication

Ocean Plan went to Yuxi City, Yunnan Province to secure the diving event in Fuxian Lake. Navygator Pro is capable of one-key SOS alarm management, real-time underwater positioning, real-time underwater navigation, abnormal state warning, wireless underwater communication, which was given full play respectively in the plateau diving event.

Underwater navigation diving Navygator Pro computer

In this event, the system of Navygator Pro manifested stable performance, robust functions and zero failure in underwater communication, underwater positioning and underwater navigation, which once again verified the excellent performance of Navygator Pro in special water environments.

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