Ocean Plan Participated in Diving Training of Special Police

Recently, Ocean Plan brought the Control Center and Dive Navigation Computer Navygation Pro to participate in the diving training of a special police unit to ensure the safety of divers and improve the efficiency of underwater interaction and collaboration.

Special Police diving team training

This special police unit has been preparing to set up a diving commando unit since 2020, which is responsible for difficult tasks such as underwater security, search and rescue, underwater combat, underwater orienteering, underwater demolition and blasting in the waters under its jurisdiction. During this diving training, the diving commando team carried out courses such as underwater search and rescue in the reservoir and inland water environment, by operating Ocean Plan control center which is deployed for surface commander and dive navigation computer Navygator-Pro to conduct underwater communication and positioning, successfully completed multi-tasks like underwater coordinated command and target position searching.

Police diving dive positioning and tracking system

'Underwater Communication and Navigation system' is a professional system that capable and helpful for police diving. The system cover with Commander-10, Navygator-Pro, Navygator-M, and the Mark-7. These devices together form the positioning and communication range within 400 meters. The system can select 2-6 devices to be grouped and interconnected according to different police diving plans and usage scenarios, such as underwater searches, search and rescue operations, maritime law enforcement and evidence recovery etc.The system has the characteristics of rapid deployment, simple operation, flexibility and portability, widely used in frogman diving including with underwater criminal investigators dive team, SWAT dive team, underwater security dive team etc.

After this training, the diving commando team has mastered various functions such as real-time positioning the divers, 3D navigation to find the divers, abnormal state and SOS emergency alarm, text messages with single or all divers and require diver recall or diving task management, etc., which greatly improves the training effect and actual combat ability.

Diver navigation dive communication police dive team

Ocean Plan will continue to optimize the product experience to meet customer needs and provide more possibilities for underwater activities in the future.

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