Ocean Plan Attended the China High-Tech Fair

On December 31, 2021, the 23rd China High-tech Fair themed 'Promoting High-Quality Development and Building a New Development Paradigm' was rounded off in Shenzhen City. Ocean Plan debuted at the China Hi-Tech Fair with its innovative applications of Underwater Communication and Navigation System in underwater communication, underwater positioning and underwater navigation.

Ocean Plan attended the China High-tech Fair

The China High-tech Fair was jointly organized by the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the State Intellectual Property Office, the Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Engineering and the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government. So far, it has been successfully held in Shenzhen for 22 consecutive times. It is the largest, most effective and most influential brand exhibition in the high-tech field in China.

As a national high-tech enterprise, Ocean Plan has adhered to the core values of ' Quality, Specialty, and Innovation ' and been committed to the R&D, manufacturing and sales of marine technology, underwater communication and positioning products.

Ocean Plan attended the China High-tech Fair

The Underwater Communication and Navigation System exhibited in the fair, is Ocean Plan integrates the underwater navigation, underwater positioning, and underwater communication technologies in an innovative manner by taking advantage of advanced underwater acoustics, and has made many innovative achievements in underwater communication and positioning by senior scientific researchers with rich R&D experience in the field. This series of products can realize diver positioning, diver navigation and diver communication no matter diver to diver or boat to diver, which can help the divers to deal with various underwater situations, ensure the safety of divers and improve the efficiency of underwater activities.


Combined with market feedback and divers needs, Ocean Plan will provide underwater communication and positioning products and solutions based on the growing personalized needs of customers, bringing more possibilities for diving exploration and diving tasks.

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