Ocean Plan Participated in the Technical Diving Training with SAR Team

Recently, the search and rescue diving team of 'China national water area rescue Sanya Battalion' carried out technical diving training in Sanya. Ocean Plan carried dive navigation computer Navygator Pro and Control center to participate in the training activities, made positive contribution to the development of water area emergency response rescue.

Search and rescue diving positioning and tracking

Search and rescue dive team technical diving

Since the establishment of the 'China national water area rescue Sanya Battalion', the goal is to build a four-in-one professional national rescue team which integrating water surface, underwater, mountain and pre-hospital emergency medical assistance, responsible for dealing with various natural disasters throughout Hainan Province, as the knife and fist in front of major disasters and accidents, it is a national rescue vanguard who 'assign me in front-line with no failure'.


There is 820 kilometers around Hainan Island. It is the second largest island in China after Taiwan Island. The Island surrounded by sea on all sides. There are 3 professional rescue teams in 'China national water area rescue Sanya Battalion' , search and rescue diving, rapids boat, and high-altitude rescue. Among them, the frogman diving team is mainly responsible for search and rescue  diving tasks in open area waters, while with search and recovery (salvage) diving capabilities in complex water environments.


Underwater communication system Underwater positioning

Diver Location And Positioning system

The search and rescue diving team Sanya Battalion operated Ocean Plan's control center and the dive navigation computer Navygator Pro on the shore and underwater, successively experienced the functions of underwater messages sending and receiving, SOS emergency alarm, underwater real-time positioning, etc., also completed the practical operation of equipment skills. The whole training fully demonstrating that equipment intelligent development providing important support for the development of fire and rescue.

Track and recall dive team control center

Diver's Tracking System positioning to boat


The 'Underwater Communication and Navigation System' can be able to build a 3D underwater communication network by placing and deploying the Control center and wearing the Navygator-Pro or Navygator-M, carrying the Mark-7, while these devices can be grouped in adjustable and changeable ways. The underwater wireless network achieve underwater communication and positioning between all the devices that in the same group, including underwater real-time positioning, underwater wireless communication with text message, underwater navigation, SOS and abnormal state warning, normal notice etc between divers beneath water surface or between underwater divers and surface.

Underwater navigation system Underwater communication frogman

400 meters underwater positioning and underwater communication range can ensure divers in a safe connected range with in time assistance if needed. The system will work based on the underwater wireless network which divers should set up their own identification group number before diving.Through flexibly different product combinations to cover a wide range of application scenarios. The diver positioning and tracking system is suitable for a variety of different underwater environments and support with different diving units, such as frogman divers, technical divers, commercial and engineering divers, recreational divers, etc.so as to effectively improve the efficiency of various diving activities.

Underwater communcation and navigation system

The development of scientific and technological innovation has promoted the Intelligentization of water area emergency rescue and the sophisticated construction of equipment configuration. Ocean Plan will continue to strengthen the R&D and application of marine technology and underwater communication and positioning products to meet the expanding market demand, boost the application of latest technologies in water area rescue work, and further enhance the integrated development with fire rescue.

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