New Scuba Gear! 1500m Range of Underwater Positioning and Underwater Navigation

The latest professional scuba equipment for divers—the 1500D series of Underwater Communication and Navigation Systems newly developed by Ocean Plan. The Underwater Communication and Navigation System integrates technologies such as underwater positioning, underwater navigation and underwater communication, which is composed of dive navigation computer Navygator-Pro, dive navigation computer Navygator-M, underwater locator beacon Mark-7, control center Commander-10 and other products. There are two working range versions, including 400D series and 1500D series for divers to choose according to actual needs.

So, what exactly is the difference between the two series?

1500D series:not just further

The 1500D series of Underwater Communication and Navigation System has a positioning and communication range of 1500 meters, which meets the needs of divers for long-distance underwater positioning, navigation, and communication, and facilitates remote management of underwater activities. Compared with the 400D series, the 1500D series has a wider coverage area, which effectively reduces the time to enter the next diving activity range midway. In special scenarios, it is more concealed and improves the efficiency of underwater and underwater collaboration.

Underwater Communication Underwater Navigation System

1500D series: streamlined equipment grouping

The Underwater Communication and Navigation System 1500D series supports to build up underwater communication network with 2-5 devices. When the divers consider how to build up the divers tracking and positioning interconnection before diving, they can refer to different actual usage scenarios and the needs to select different product combinations and network type. The deployment is also more streamlined and faster, especially suitable for special scenarios, such as underwater such as underwater scientific research, underwater defense and security, underwater EOD and underwater evidence collection etc a series of important tasks.

Underwater Communication and Navigation System 1500D series

1500D Series: Powerful and Comprehensive

The Underwater Communication and Navigation System 1500D series can realize diver positioning, diver navigation, diver depth /diver distance and diver speed monitoring, SOS emergency alarm, diver wireless underwater message sending and receiving and other functions, such as Beidou Satellite positioning, general reminder, digital compass, dive records, multi networking forms so to monitor and manage underwater activities in real time to ensure the safety of divers, and providing more solutions for the divers who are in need for longer range. The divers who are with expanded range needs on underwater communication and underwater communication often include police diver, fireman divers and special force divers etc.

Underwater wireless network

Summary speaking, the positioning and communication ranges of the 400D series and 1500D series 400 meters and 1500 meters. All of them can establish 3D underwater positioning communication network with/without water surface signal. The 1500D series can be used in groups of up to 5 devices; the 400D series can be used in groups of up to 6 devices.

Users can choose a series of products according to their own usage scenarios. The Underwater Communication and Navigation System 400D series version can meet the needs of most of the diving activities; the 1500D series is suitable for users who have long-distance underwater positioning communication activities. Both series are suitable for public safety diving like government divers, technical diving like who are in exploration diving, commercial diving like salvage diving activities, recreational diving like divers who pursue for leisure and enjoyment also safety.

Underwater positioning and underwater communication applications

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