Ocean Plan Shows China's Strength in CMEE

Ocean Plan Shows China's Strength in CMEE

In order to promote further development and cooperation in marine economy, the 2020 China Marine Economy Expo(Hereinafter referred to as “CMEE”)was successfully held from October 15-18, 2020 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.

China Marine Economy Expo

The 2020 CMEE focuses on shipbuilding and port shipping marine resources development, high-end offshore equipment, marine electronic information, marine biological medicine and marine conservation and safety, during which cutting-edge marine technologies and equipment from home and abroad is exhibited.

More than 600 companies unveiled new technologies and achievements. Among them, a large number of sea-related private enterprises with innovative, high-precision technology participated in the exhibition.

Dive navigation underwater communication for divers

There are many highlights of this exhibition. Ocean Plan brought the Navygator series Dive Navigation Computer to the expo. The innovative professional underwater diving device with a sense of science and technology immediately attracted the attention of many attendees.


Underwater positioning

Dive Navigation Computer is the world's special and innovate diving computer that can achieve underwater positioning and communication functions without the support of water surface signals. It adopts underwater acoustic technology from a advanced way to build up underwater positioning and communication network for divers.

Dive Navigation Computer meets the functional requirements like,


1) Underwater real-time positioning to locate and track the divers and target location

2) Underwater 3D navigation to navigate to the divers and target location

3) SOS alert that work for emergency situation and sending asking help request

4) Monitoring the diving ascent and descent speed,depth and distance from divers and offer abnormal state warning

5) Wireless text messages sending and receiving underwater to stay in touch for all divers and boat


So the surface staffs will be able to connect with divers and keep to know divers' state, and divers can also keep to know where they are ,how to reach to specific location even it's moving .The product is suitable for different underwater environments, and being great tools for divers to better deal with a variety of underwater emergencies, ensure diving safety.

Underwater communication and navigation system

Ocean Plan is a brand of underwater electronics owned by Shenzhen Zhilan Technology Co., Ltd, a high-technology enterprise located in Shenzhen, China. The company developing direction is on the marine innovation and underwater communication technology product.”Quality, Specialty, and Innovation” is what we stands for, with providing the great products and services to satisfy what our customers will need, and the solutions about solving underwater problem and diving request. In the future, Ocean Plan will raise the standards for abundant products and design to meet the on-going demand and bring more solutions and products for underwater exploration.

Ocean Plan Shows China's Strength in CMEE

The 2020 CMEE has successfully concluded, the pace of exploring the ocean will not stop. With the rapid development of information technology, the ocean has entered the era of big data. Ocean Plan is committed to the research and development and manufacturing of underwater positioning, underwater navigation, and underwater communication technology products, and will strive to be a benchmark enterprise in marine technology innovation!