Navygator Pro Won the Dia Honorable Mention 2020

19th Oct 2020, the Fifth Design Intelligence Award Ceremony came to a close at the Xiangshan campus of China Academy of Art. The product developed by Ocean Plan, the diving navigation computer called Navygator Pro, won the Design Intelligence Award Excellence Award.

Design Intelligence Award Ocean Plan

Design Intelligence Award

 (Hereinafter referred to as 'DIA')


DIA is the first academic award in the field of industrial design in China. It is a platform for contemporary innovative design evaluation and promotion and cooperation. It is also a cross-border innovation global competition in art, technology and business. It is also a physical innovation accelerator that turns creativity to wealth and the future. . It collects excellent design products from all over the world every year. Since the award was held in 2016, it has been adhering to the core values of 'Humanistic Intelligence, Life Wisdom, Science and Art Intelligence, and Industrial Think Tank', and created the 'Golden Smart Tower' design evaluation system. Solicited 20,232 works from 56 countries and regions, and built a cooperative ecosystem with more than 100 design schools, industry associations, design weeks and other organizations around the world, and gradually entered the list of internationally renowned industrial design awards. Among them, the 'Dive Navigation Computer' of Shenzhen Zhilan Technology Co., Ltd. stood out among many entries and was selected as Honorable Mention 2020.

Honorable Mention 2020 Dive navigation computer Navygator-Pro

Navygator series dive navigation computer is equipped with underwater positioning and underwater communication and multi functions like SOS alert, divers abnormal state warning, and two-ways underwater wireless messages transfer between divers or between divers and the water surface. This innovate dive navigation computer series is for divers to deal with underwater tracking and underwater information exchange needs. As various underwater environments may be different, and a portable dive device with above function is able to greatly help to meet these requirements. 


For the first time this year, DIA has divided the awards into industry awards and concept awards. It not only focuses on the current innovative paradigm of people's life and production, but also seeks and explores design thinking about more possibilities for future life.

Navygator Pro won the DIA Honorable Mention 2020


 Since the release of this year's DIA in January 2020, a total of 7,369 entries from 36 countries and regions around the world have been received. A total of 325 award-winning works will be exhibited in the four major sections of DIA-'Cultural Innovation'. On the basis of 'Life Wisdom', 'Industrial Equipment', and 'Digital Economy', two new highlights-'Design Campaign' and 'Design Concept' exhibition areas have been added, forming a corridor and three exhibition areas. The 'Cultural Innovation' section shows the product innovation of cultural integration and creativity; the 'Life Wisdom' section presents the current product innovation oriented by technological innovation and smart hardware as the main feature; the 'Industrial Equipment' section is oriented by major national heavy equipment. All kinds of products with mechanical equipment as the main line; 'Digital Economy' embodies the software and hardware system innovation of digital technology from life to industry.

Navygator Pro won the DIA Honorable Mention 2020


Despite the epidemic in 2020, the popularity of awards has not diminished. It is reported that since the online solicitation was launched on January 9, DIA has set up 'industry groups' and 'concept groups' for enterprises, universities, and independent designers, and solicited 7,369 works. Among them, Huawei, Alibaba, Honeywell, Fujitsu, Sony, DJI, Xiaomi,, Baidu, Didi, Hikvision and other Fortune 500 and China 500 companies participated in the declaration.


The total number of applications for DIA this year has increased by 18% year-on-year. Participants have covered 60 countries and regions on five continents, and it has developed into the largest industrial design competition in China.


Ocean Plan brings together many skilled scientists with exceptional research and development experience in the field of underwater positioning and communication and use  advanced underwater acoustic science. Underwater positioning, navigation and communication technologies are applied to the Navygator series of products, which can be widely used in leisure diving, technical diving, commercial diving and other diving fields provide divers with multiple functional support such as positioning, navigation, SOS alert, abnormal reminder, information sending and receiving, etc. It provides more possibilities for different types of underwater activities such as teaching diving, sightseeing diving, underwater operations, underwater scientific research, underwater exploration, underwater rescue, frogman diving and so on.

Dive navigation Dive communication computer

 Five core functions of dive navigation computer

 1. Underwater Real-time Positioning

 2. Underwater 3D Navigation

 3. SOS Alert

 4. Abnormal State Warning

 5. Messages


The award is an affirmation and encouragement of Ocean Plan's scientific research and innovation capabilities by DIA. Ocean Plan adheres to the core values of 'Quality, Specialty, and Innovation', and will provide the most advanced products and the best services to meet our customers’ need.