SKLMP Divers’scientific Diving Event Report: Using Diver Tracking and Diver Communication Functions

The State Key Laboratory of Marine Pollution (SKLMP), City University of Hong Kong in collaboration with Wallace Conservation Licoupang and Sam Ratulangi University carried out a collaborative program for scientific diving training from 21th to 24th May 2023 in the KEK Likupang area. The researchers team were trained to use scientific diving equipment like Ocean Plan system for ensuring the safety of scuba divers by allowing location tracking and sending messages for communication.

The underwater acoustic positioning system was operated in Pulisan Bay

Location of Pulisan Bay

The establishment of The State Key Laboratory of Marine Pollution (SKLMP) in the City University of Hong Kong (CityU) was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of the People's Republic of China, which has been a leader in marine research since it was founded in 2010. With over 50 cross-disciplinary researchers from eight partner universities, SKLMP is dedicated to developing multidisciplinary and innovative solutions to imminent marine pollution problems that pose a significant threat to the environment and public health.

The SKLMP  scientific diving research team

The SKLMP research team (Fourth from left: Dr.Lai CHAN)

The SKLMP staff team, led by Dr. CHAN Lai Leo, spent a total of 4 days conducting dive site assessments, staff training, small-scale benthic habitat mapping surveys, and benthic dinoflagellate sampling.

Dr. CHAN Lai Leo said that “ The aims of this trip are to develop an integrated scientific diving training program, ISO and SOP in underwater habitat mapping and health monitoring of coral reef ecosystems, conduct toxic benthic and epiphytic dinoflagellates sampling and isolation with advanced innovative diving technologies for the WESTPAC regions. After this training workshop, we hope that other researcher can follow our developed SOP and ISO”.

Ocean Plan 'Underwater Communication and Navigation System' was one of the diving equipment used in ISO and SOP for underwater habitat mapping and coral reef ecosystem health monitoring. The research team conducted training on its operation.

Training use of Ocean Plan during diving training

Operating the Navygator-Pro and Navyagtor-M

Wearing diver positioning and diver communication system

SKLMP divers’scientific diving event report : using diver tracking and diver communication Sending the underwater wireless communication message

Underwater sample collection stuff use Dive Navigation Computer

Underwater sample collection stuff was using Dive Navigation Computer Navygator - Pro

Checking dive buddies real-time underwater positions

Checking dive buddies underwater locations

Operating the diver tracking and safety system

Other stuffs used Dive Navigation Computer Navygator - M

Other stuffs used Dive Navigation Computer Navygator-M

SKLMP divers’scientific diving event report : using diver tracking and diver communication functions

SKLMP divers’scientific diving event report : using diver tracking and diver communication functions

Diver tracking and diver communication functions of Underwater communication and Navigation System allow diver to diver and diver to boat stuff stay interconnection all the way during the scientific diving progress,it’s significantly improve the whole dive safety and efficiency. Dives through real time underwater positioning, underwater navigation, two-ways messages, preset safety warning parameters and SOS alarm to enhance situational awareness by updated data, and so as to support better decision making.

The progress of marine research is inseparable from the innovation of marine technology. The trip was overall a huge success, Underwater Communication and Navigation System has been recognized by the researcher’s team, underwater safety and underwater collaboration will keep on the way.

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