Ocean Plan products are guaranteed for a period of two years subject to the following limitations and conditions:

The warranty is non-transferable and applies strictly to the original purchaser.

Ocean Plan products are warranted free from defects in materials and workmanship: components that, upon technical inspection, are found to be defective, will be replaced free of charge.

Ocean Plan declines all responsibility for accidents of any kind that result from tampering or incorrect use of its products.

Any products returned for overhaul or repairs under warranty, or for any other reason, must be forwarded exclusively via the vendor and accompanied with a proof of purchase slip. Products travel at the risk of the sender.


Ocean Plan pays careful attention to the customers' needs and react responsively.

Ocean Plan enjoys having good relationships with its users by providing good quality and innovative products. It has always been a pleasure to grind through challenges of bringing the combination of technology, design and service to a higher level in a bid to come up with professional solutions for customized demands.