"Underwater Communication and Navigation System" Was the Epicenter in the Police Expo (CEIPE)

The 11th edition of China Police Expo 2023 – China International Exhibition on Police Equipment ended successfully, 'Underwater Communication and Navigation System' appeared in the special police equipment exhibition area and attracted lots of attention, especially impressed by police divers.

From May 11 to 14, the 11th edition of China Police Expo 2023 – China International Exhibition on Police Equipment was held in Shougang Exhibition and Convention Centre, Beijing, China. Ocean Plan brought Underwater Communication and Navigation System to the exhibition, and cooperated with nearly 700 enterprises to share cutting-edge police equipment and advanced underwater technology. The Underwater Communication and Navigation System, as 'advanced, sophisticated and new' equipment, appeared in the special police equipment exhibition area, and became the only designated propaganda product in the rescue area of the special police.

The Police Expo was with a total of 168,000 visitors through online and offline ways to visit the exhibition.With an exhibition area of 53,400 square meters, it has set up the public security equipment Hall, the international enterprise Hall, the domestic enterprise Hall, the police-enterprise docking area, and the innovative technology product release area.  During the same period, 3 summit forums and 6 sub-forums will be held. Academicians, experts and representatives of the public security police shared the system, standards, technology and experience on intelligent policing, data security, artificial intelligence, etc to discuss together about the development of police equipment industry.

Sponsored by the third Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security and assisted by the Special Police Corps of Shandong Provincial Public Security Department, the special police equipment exhibition area has become a popular 'Internet celebrity' exhibition area in the police Fair with novel forms, outstanding effects and popularity.

The special police equipment exhibition area is divided into seven parts: 'Assault, Explosive search and disposal, Special police rescue, Violence control and Emergency response, key patrol control, training and support, and police robots', which are displayed in the form of human-mounted combination, dynamic and static combination, photoelectric combination, etc. The selected display of all kinds of equipment not only covers the full range of combat equipment of various duties and tasks of special police, but also includes some newly developed and tested 'advanced, sophisticated and new special' equipment. Ocean Plan innovative and advanced Underwater Communication and Navigation System was showed among them, and as the only designated propaganda product in the rescue part of the special police, it was introduced to the leader guests by the special police docent.

Police Expo CEIPE

Frogman diving system diver tracking and communication

Shandong SWAT police docent introduced Underwater Communication and Navigation System to the guests

Shandong SWAT police Underwater Communication and Navigation System

Learn dive track and dive communication functions

SWAT dive tracking and safety system presentation

Underwater positioning function for police dive team

Wear Navygator-M as underwater wireless positioning system

Underwater positioning system function explaining

Underwater navigation and underwater communication keep diver safe

Visitors were coming and going continuously at Ocean Plan enterprise booth

Ocean Plan explained the innovative technology and application scenarios of frogman positioning communication equipment to visitors on site, bringing the audience an intuitive on-site experience. The Underwater Communication and Navigation System is an underwater acoustic communication product that aim to solve underwater wireless diver tracking and diver mutual communication.The system is with Ocean Plan completely independent intellectual property rights, enhanced public safety diving capabilities such as police frogmen diving unit, which their operations including underwater search and rescue, underwater crime scenes, drugs hauls, anti-terrorism operations, ordnance retrieval and disposal and general maritime law enforcement, carried out in often hostile conditions including at night, in adverse weather, poor visibility environments etc. How to assist them with a better awareness on underwater positions and tasks progress is essential. With the assistance by functions like underwater positioning, underwater navigation and underwater communication, and other functions, it is able to let the dive master or surface commander track divers, recall divers, and interact with divers etc, effectively guarantee the safety of frogman diving, greatly improve the efficiency of underwater and surface coordination, and improve the combat strength of frogman.

Navygator-Pro to position and track the divers

Learn frogman diving team underwater network solutions

Discussed SWAT Dive team scuba equipment

Frogman underwater communication and underwater navigation functions

Proper dive posture for dive navigation computer

Underwater locator beacon

Mark underwater positions by ULB

Showing dive navigation computer operations

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