Navygator Pro Passed Its Test Under Extreme Sea Conditions

On July 21, 2021, after the level 12 typhoon Cempaka made landfall, Ocean Plan carried out the test of Navygator Pro in the offshore area of Shenzhen to test its performance under extreme sea conditions.

According to the Meteorological Observatory, Typhoon No. 2107 Cempaka made landfall in Jiangcheng District, Yangjiang City at 21:50 on July 20. The wind force near the eye of the storm was 12 (33 m/s, typhoon) when it landed. In the aftermath of Cempaka, there had been heavy rainstorms in Shenzhen City for three consecutive days (from July 19 to July 21) and Ocean Plan performed its test on the sea in the gusts of magnitude 8.

Navygator Pro passed its test under extreme sea conditions

On the premise of ensuring safety, the testers dived into the sea wearing the Navygator Pro for tests to verify the working conditions of the equipment under extreme weather conditions. After a series of tests, the Navygator Pro ran properly and showed excellent performance in its core functions.

Insisting on fulfilling high-quality requirements and attaching great importance to the performance of products under various environmental conditions, Ocean Plan will continue to conduct more tests in extreme environments, constantly upgrade and optimize its products and provide users with better products and services in the future.

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