Ocean Plan Won the 2020 China Design Red Star Award

2020 China Design Red Star Award ceremony was held in Beijing On December 9. The ceremony was divided into three chapters: 'The power of Designers', 'the Power of Science and Technology' and 'the Power of The Times'. Dive navigation computer developed by Ocean Plan excellent prize of 2020 China Red Star Design Award.

 Ocean Plan Won the 2020 China Design Red Star Award

China Design Red Star Award has been held since 2006 and is the most internationally influential and authoritative design award in China. As a professional design award supported by Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the award was jointly initiated and established by China Industrial Design Association and Beijing Industrial Design Promotion Center.


This year, China Design Red Star Award collected more than 7,000 products to participate in the evaluation from more than 5,000 units around the world, 12 judges from Germany, France, the United States and China reviewed the entries one by one with the strict evaluation standards and procedures.




The award is presented to: Dive navigation computer

 Ocean Plan Won the 2020 China Design Red Star Award

Dive Navigation Computer is an innovative diving device. It is the world's first portable diving device that can achieve underwater positioning and communication functions without the support of water surface signals. It adopts advanced underwater acoustic technology, establishes underwater positioning and communication network. Dive Navigation Computer meets the functional requirements of underwater real-time positioning, underwater 3D navigation, SOS alert, divers abnormal state warning, wireless messages sending and receiving underwater, which between divers or between divers and the water surface. The product is suitable for different underwater environments with the positioning and communication ranging up to 200 meters. It helps divers to better deal with a variety of underwater emergencies, ensure diving safety and provide better diving experiences.


Over the past 15 years since its establishment, China Design Red Star Award has adhered to the combination of scientific and cultural innovation, and always adhered to the original intention of promoting Independent and self-strengthening of Chinese design and stimulating the innovation vitality of talents. It has closely followed the development pulse of New China, and gradually grown and achieved the leading position by taking advantage of the reform and opening up. Ocean Plan pursues perfection in the appearance, structure and operating system of its products to bring perfect user experience. Winning this award means the highest recognition of our efforts. With this honor, we will continue to adhere to the concept of ' Quality, Specialty, and Innovation ', provide more abundant products and design solutions, bring more possibilities for underwater exploration.