The Navygator series dive navigation computers have five models of Navygator Pro, Navygator, Navygator M, Buoy and Control Center, can achieve underwater positioning and underwater communication between Navygator devices in the same group. The Navygator series can be used in recreational diving, scuba diving, commercial diving and more in the diving field. They provide divers with multiple function support such as positioning, navigation, SOS alert, abnormal state warning, messages sending and receiving and others. The products also make it more possible for different types of underwater activities such as educational diving, sightseeing diving, underwater work, underwater scientific research, underwater exploration, underwater rescue, frogman diving and so on.

Navygator is a wrist-worn dive navigation computer which enables wireless communication, SOS signals and  abnormal state warning between follow divers. Multiple divers can connect with each other in one group

Navygator M

Navygator M is a miniature dive computer terminal. Once connected, real-time position & dive state of divers who wear Navygator M can be monitored through Dive Navigation Computer or the boat unit. It also incorporates SOS signals & abnormal state warning

Buoy put underwater at cached place is used for locating. Acoustic signals will help divers find the location where they 'marked' last time. Specially designed for underwater operations such as wreck dive and fishery. 


The Control Center is used for wireless connection (positioning, navigation & text wireless communication) between divers and the boat on which the Control Center is located